Spooky's Office

Want to make your own version of the famous X-Office? now you can!

Just follow these easy steps to make your own!

1. Download the free LEGO Digital Designer ("LDD" for short) program for Windows or Mac and follow the installation instructions.

2. Download the Spooky's Office file for LDD

3. Open the Spooky's Office file in LDD

4. At the top right of the program, click the "Building Guide Mode" highlighted in red below

5. Click the arrows or drag the slider shown below to step forward and back between "instruction" steps.

6. Have fun!, don't be tied to the instructions above, feel free to change and improve upon what I've created to make your own version even better!

P.S. If you want to export a list of the parts used in the office, select File > Export BOM to save a file openable in Excel (or similar programs) with part IDs and quantities. This list can be used to track down the parts from places like Bricklink or Brickowl

NOTE: The above file and instructions are a GUIDE ONLY not a direct step by step instructions as you would find from an official product. The automatically generated instructions aren't very logically laid out as you would expect. Feel free to substitute colours or parts to suit what you have available to you. 

The provided files and instructions are shared as-is and no further support or help is provided. Please do not contact me asking how to use LEGO Digital Designer or how to order parts from Bricklink. Google is your friend!